Is Kanye West in the Sunken Place?


As a follow up to my theory I put forward in last year’s Lisgarwrong, that Donald Trump is secretly an Arab, I have a new one about Kanye West. Bear with me. I believe that Kanye West is in the sunken place, which is the mental position the main character of the critically acclaimed movie “Get Out” was in.

Allow me to elaborate. The sunken place is the place where members of a minority become so detached from their own ethnicity that they begin to not only adopt the white culture but in a sense, mentally become a white person. In Kanye West’s case, he’s a man who has black skin but wears a white mask. As in, he acts indifferent to the trials and tribulations of minorities, supports bigots and only occasionally criticizes slavery, as it was a “choice”. Oh yes, Kanye West said that. A few months ago, during the same interview at TMZ in which he expressed admiration for Donald Trump, the controversial rapper brushed off the 400 years of subjugation of African Americans slaves as voluntary. Twitter erupted with anger and memes were created with the caption “#ifslaverywasachoice.”

This whole controversy is so bizarre it feels almost surreal. Kanye has always been an advocate for black people. His most infamous and public act of protest was when, during a hurricane Katrina broadcast, he bluntly announced that “Bush doesn’t care about black people,” who were the main victims of the natural disaster. Many applauded him, even heralding him as the rapper of the people, and in many of his songs he openly criticizes the educational and political system that has often held black people back. Despite his frequent blunders, such as the infamous snatching of Taylor Swift’s VMA, Kanye West was always viewed as that culturally aware yet socially inept uncle. And we all loved him for it. So, what happened, you might ask?


Well, this is where my “Get Out” theory is cued in. Due to his fame and success, the Caucasian population of the United States got jealous. They couldn’t stand to see a black man with so much power. So, they kidnapped him, took out his brain and put in the brain of an old white man, in order to experience, for himself, this so-called “black excellence”. And this white man is currently having the time of his life. Not only is he openly supporting racists, he is also discrediting the black struggle. This couldn’t possibly be the old Kanye we loved and cherished. This has to be, nay, this must be a white man trapped inside the body of a black man. What more evidence do we need? So, the next time you listen to that new Kanye West song, try to pay close attention to the lyrics. He might be pleading for our help.