Out of Contexts: June 2018

“I’ll send shady characters to your house in the middle of the night to collect the money.”

– Dr. Magwood

“These people have lots of credentials and no life. Let them do your work for you.”

– Mr. Middleton

“What is it with people taking their pants off in this class?!”

– Ms. Hunt-McCoy

“Society is doomed… On that happy note, let’s talk about the essay.”

– Mr. Kroeker

“I’m not an English teacher: I’m much more dangerous”

– Dr. Magwood

(Reading) “‘There’s a career to be made in garbage picking.’ So, there’s hope for you all.”

– Mr. Beard

“You surround yourself with this bubble of hot air, just like peeing in the pool.”

– Dr. Magwood

“Sometimes when you get hit by a truck it’s symbolic. But sometimes, you just get hit by a truck.”

– Mr. Kroeker

“I don’t listen to much K-Pop, but I think it’s pretty cool I know what K-pop is.”

– Mr. Hodgson

“It’s easier, it saves time, and honestly they don’t give a word that’s not supposed to be said in the classroom.”

– Mr. Harriz

“Let me find a spoon so I can spoon feed you. But it’s got to be small enough so I can shove it up your ass.”

– Anonymous