Out-of-Context Quotes: October 2018

“I felt like a Pokemon… Evolving.”
-Mr. Harriz

“Sometimes my students call me Professor… Usually when they’re trying to suck up.”
Mr. Meng

“I’m going to live a little and buy squash.”
-Mr. DiFrancesco

“Go to Loblaws, spend a couple of bucks, buy some margarine, and then throw it away. Butter’s probably better for you anyways.”
-Dr. Magwood

“That’s what we do in AP History- we count jelly beans.”
Mr. Meng

“Save the baby tree octopus!”
-Ms. Rankin

“If you don’t have your textbook, you can concentrate on feeling ashamed.”
-Dr. Magwood

“This guy over here–maybe I shouldn’t say just a guy… This is Jesus.”
-Mr. Meng

“If you manage to invent the perfect thermos, then congratulations, you’re a god.”
-Dr. Magwood

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