About Us

Welcome to our website! The Lisgarwrite is Lisgar’s own student-run newspaper. Whether you’re looking for school news, current events, sports, arts, life advice, or hilarious out-of-contexts, we’ve got it all!

Current Chief Editors: Andrew Poirier and Amy Zhang

Teacher Supervisor: Mr. John Hodgson 

Articles, comments, and suggestions are always welcome and can be emailed to lisgarwrite.submissions@gmail.com

Like what you see? Check out our facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/Lisgarwrite 


Previous Chief Editors:

(2018-  ) Andrew Poirier, Amy Zhang

(2016-2018) Miasya Bulger, Olive Nugent

(2015-2016) Tegwyn Hughes, Margot Ghersin

(2014-2015) Vanessa Khuong, Miriam Ahmad-Gawel

(2013-2014) Patrick PB, Chris Blakeney, William Wu

(2012-2013) Henry Schut, Rusaba Alam




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