The Lisgarwrite’s Best Films of 2017

2017 saw the theatres once again crammed with remakes, superhero movies, and superhero remakes, most of which were not very good. Audiences seem to have caught on, because it’s one of the worst box office years on record. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t diamonds in the rough, Indie cinema flourished and several visionaries, including … Continue reading The Lisgarwrite’s Best Films of 2017


A Cozy Night at Coffeehouse

By Meghan Oliver The stage was set with piano and all, the comfy couches were up front and centre, and the corner table was stacked with cookies, cakes, and plenty of coffee on the evening of November 23rd in the school cafeteria. At this year's Coffeehouse, hosted by the Lisgar Environmental Action Force (LEAF) club, … Continue reading A Cozy Night at Coffeehouse