Poem of the Month: Alere Flammam

Alere Flammam   LCI Alere Flammam, nourish the flame, The credo of my school, Lisgar by name The flame within, the halls, classrooms and walls, engulfed in din This institute old and grand hath seen firsthand, cool autumn days, in which the trees ablaze shed their treasure from way up high, landing gently on passers … Continue reading Poem of the Month: Alere Flammam


How to Draw A Circle

By Amos Marsters   Welcome toLetUsHelpYouWithAnEasyTask.com. Drawing can be hard, strenuous, and frustrating, especially when drawing circles. This self-help guide will help you learn how to properly draw a circle. An artist has to go through rigorous obstacles before making the perfect geometrical circle, the first being mindset.   1.      As an artist, you must … Continue reading How to Draw A Circle