The Lisgarwrite’s Best Films of 2017

2017 saw the theatres once again crammed with remakes, superhero movies, and superhero remakes, most of which were not very good. Audiences seem to have caught on, because it’s one of the worst box office years on record. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t diamonds in the rough, Indie cinema flourished and several visionaries, including … Continue reading The Lisgarwrite’s Best Films of 2017


June Movie Month

By Celine Fu: Apartment 143 (June 1st, 2012) A family is haunted by a violent ghost believed to be one of their dead family members; they attempt to resolve the situation by hiring a team of experts from an institution. This movie resembles Paranormal Activity’s camera usage and will probably be very similar to the Paranormal Activity series in every aspect, so it is not recommended to anyone; … Continue reading June Movie Month

Movie Reviews

By Celine Fu: Silent House (March 9th) Supposedly based on true events...this 88-minute movie tells the story of a girl who tries to survive a creepy killer that snaps photos of his victims. What this has to do with silence, I do not know... However, it is prophesied by the trailer that SILENCE WILL KILL YOU! This is a typical horror movie featuring a lame survival … Continue reading Movie Reviews

Top Ten List of the Month: Disney Movies

By Jennifer McAlister: Ah, Disney movies. Who doesn’t have innumerable fond memories from their childhood of watching the Masterpieces? Although the studio has branched out over the years, when someone says, “Let’s watch a Disney movie!” you know they’re referring to an animated movie full of fun characters, musical numbers, and comedy that appeals to adults and kids alike. I … Continue reading Top Ten List of the Month: Disney Movies

An Open Letter To All Those Aspiring Disney Princesses

By Bridget Guan: Dear Five-year-olds-who-want-to-to be-Disney-Princesses-and-if-you’re-not-five-I-apologize-butperhaps- you-should-reevaluate-your-goals-in-life, Recently, I attended a production of Disney On Ice at the Scotiabank Place with my younger brother. It was there, amongst a sea of five-year-olds and their doting parents, with a mind fresh out of AP Literature and feminist literary criticism, that I realized something: the way that Disney portrays … Continue reading An Open Letter To All Those Aspiring Disney Princesses

October Horrors

By Celine Fu: The Human Centipede II: (Oct 7th) From the producers of the 100% medically accurate Human Centipede I, comes the new 100% medically inaccurate Human Centipede II...Really...that is all I got from the trailer. If you saw the first (which in itself speaks of too much time on your hands and questionable taste in movies), then you may be motivated to see … Continue reading October Horrors