Nobody Fell Off the Stage: Music Night 2017

By Jane Archibald I’m supposed to write a report on Lisgar’s Senior Music Night (Thursday, October 19) but then I realized that you the reader probably couldn’t care less about the viola’s dynamic contrasts or the balance of the woodwinds... and if you do, you were probably there anyway. Or, you might be an ex-music … Continue reading Nobody Fell Off the Stage: Music Night 2017


REVIEW: Cruel Summer

By Tanvi S.:I’ma let you finish- but, in Kanye’s words themselves, y’all can’t spell G.O.O.D. without G-O-D, and that’s exactly what Mr. West wants his Cruel Summer compilation to be- a masterpiece. With friends like the illustrious Sean “JAY-Z” Carter (nicknamed Hov as the “Jehovah” of rap) and everyone’s favorite TWOOO CHAINZ, Yeezy surely knows how to … Continue reading REVIEW: Cruel Summer

Christmas Season Got You Down?

By Jennifer McAllister: I don’t know about everyone else, but the start of Christmas preparations on November 1st is a major debate in my house. My parents and sister don’t see why people take down Halloween decorations simply to replace them with their Christmas counterparts. My dad complains that radio stations constantly play Christmas music. I, on the other hand, think that the … Continue reading Christmas Season Got You Down?