Poem of the Month: Alere Flammam

Alere Flammam   LCI Alere Flammam, nourish the flame, The credo of my school, Lisgar by name The flame within, the halls, classrooms and walls, engulfed in din This institute old and grand hath seen firsthand, cool autumn days, in which the trees ablaze shed their treasure from way up high, landing gently on passers … Continue reading Poem of the Month: Alere Flammam


Embracing the Mundane

By Luka Stojanovic Eventually, we all have to realize that many of us will not become the future leaders of the world; many of us will end up being cogs in the machine that we call society. The majority of us will not achieve extraordinary feats in our lifetimes; we will live ordinary lives. Call … Continue reading Embracing the Mundane

The Last Bell

By unknown Lisgar alumni - Submitted by Anirudh Bakshi: The Last Bell Up Lisgar street a long, thin line Of pupils slowly moves; Girls and boys, with loads of books, In two’s and three’s and droves. But as they slowly move along, A frightful sound they hear, Which make them run with all their might, … Continue reading The Last Bell

First Snow

First Snow By Sydney M.  First snow: The frigid flakes Seem like Fresh Fallen angels Tumbling from the sky. They make the voyage From the clouds To my pink tongue, Which is stuck out In anticipation Of tasting The cold, delightful First snow

Golden Arches

By Julian M. Golden Arches Night beacon for misplaced rabble Pallid glow promising wretched delights Benevolent smile: can I help who’s next? Those Golden Arches are a bug zapper And they attract the flies Pristine inside, though Squeaky chairs, squeaky clean The fireplace, a homely touch A nice effort However: Bloated garbages, the stains It’s … Continue reading Golden Arches


By Sui Qu:   Locked to your beating heart, I am forever destined to be with you, Never am I able to step away and part. My heart and your heart, together they sew.   And form a unified beating mutation, Aghast by the grotesque deviation, Searching desperately for that thin line, And unweave it … Continue reading Locked