How to Draw A Circle

By Amos Marsters   Welcome Drawing can be hard, strenuous, and frustrating, especially when drawing circles. This self-help guide will help you learn how to properly draw a circle. An artist has to go through rigorous obstacles before making the perfect geometrical circle, the first being mindset.   1.      As an artist, you must … Continue reading How to Draw A Circle


La Nuit Blanche

By Miriam Ahmad-Gawel Though it was a windy, rainy, and chilly night in Ottawa on September 21st, pockets of the city and Gatineau were lit up bright and lively for the celebration of Ottawa-Gatineau’s second Nuit Blanche. Inspired by similar festivals in other cities, Ottawa’s La Nuit Blanche brings together local and national artists along … Continue reading La Nuit Blanche