The Job a PhD Can’t Prepare You For

By Michela Rodriguez and Capriale Walling-Moore “So what do you do?” “Oh, I’m a homemaker.” “I see... Do you ever plan on getting a real job?” “Trust me. This is a real job.” “Don’t you want to contribute to our society and economy, though? I mean, you must be so bored! I don’t know how … Continue reading The Job a PhD Can’t Prepare You For


Reflections on the Vimy Centennial

By Olive Nugent In this year, the anniversary of both the Battle of Vimy Ridge and the founding of Canada itself, a number of scholars and columnists have grappled with the status of the battle as the site of our country’s coming of age. Many have felt compelled to re-evaluate its almost mythical place in … Continue reading Reflections on the Vimy Centennial


By Peter MacDonald Protest Protesting is ineffective And you will never convince me that Activism creates change. Remain silent. It is morally wrong to Take a knee during the anthem, Raise your fist in defiance and Intentionally create discourse. Until people began to speak up The majority was the only voice Black lives matter Is … Continue reading Protest

Why I Code

By Charles Zhang People often ask me why I like to code. The answer is complicated, but I would tell them that coding is an art through which I can represent who I am. Through code, I can contribute to others and make people’s lives better. Through code, I can see the world. First of … Continue reading Why I Code

OPINION: A Critique of Trigger Warnings and Intellectual Safe Spaces

By Andrew Poirier Trigger warnings and intellectual safe spaces have become the norm in academic and educational institutions at every level throughout the developed western world. While these new trends might seem beneficial on a superficial level, they aren’t without their flaws, and may not be as helpful as some might initially believe, as they … Continue reading OPINION: A Critique of Trigger Warnings and Intellectual Safe Spaces