Make America Great Again: Trump’s Shocking Victory and How It Almost Didn’t Happen

By Amy Zhang Two-Thousand-and-Sixteen has, arguably, been one of the craziest years in recent history, from widespread creepy clown sightings to the massive public outcry after the killing of a gorilla, but the forefront of the entire year has been dominated with the U.S. Presidential election. For almost two years, the process has been worn … Continue reading Make America Great Again: Trump’s Shocking Victory and How It Almost Didn’t Happen


Welcome To the Jungle?

By Abigail Potter It is the artist’s privilege to take reality and convey it the way their perspective shows it, but he can also be misleading. The artist can warp and twist the way things actually are, changing it as easily as metal fresh out of the forge. Once again, the artist has taken up … Continue reading Welcome To the Jungle?

A Place of Learning

By Matija Stojanovic Lisgar is a unique place: few schools in Ottawa carry an academic reputation like it, and nearly every graduating student has a plan for university or college.The vast majority of these students will move onto fields in science, technology, engineering and math, with a small minority going into humanities, arts and trades.This limited … Continue reading A Place of Learning


Should Christmas Trees Stay Real

It’s THAT time of the year again Lisgarites! The month of December has several different meanings for different cultures around the world, however, one of most prominent icons is that of christmas tree, and as soon as people start buying christmas trees they start thinking about which type of tree to get: real or fake.