June 2016 Satire Edition

12th Grade Student Shocked To Receive Decent Sleep – By Tegwyn Hughes

Students Battle Exam Blues with PJ Week – Cathy Jing

Lisgar Student Handbook 2016 – Nathan Rideout

The Day the North Building Stood Still – Tegwyn Hughes

How To Flush a Toilet – Peter Kim

How To Ace Any Test – Cathy Jing

Science Geek Advised To Rethink Cutting Herself Off From the Arts – Olive Nugent

So You Want To Be an OC Transpo Driver – Irene Grose

8 Reasons Why Lisgar Is the Worst School Ever – Miasya Bulger

The Senior Scoop: When Do I Pack? – Tegwyn Hughes

The Tunnel: The Most Essential Part of Lisgar -Alinah Charania

Weight of Justin Trudeau’s Ego Leads To Rideau St Sinkhole – Matija Stojanovic

Out of Contexts – June 2016