Christmas: Just a Consumerist Holiday?

By Amy Zhang It’s that time of the year again. The vibrant lights of red and green decorating every possible surface and that familiar, maddening mix of music only mean one thing: Christmas is fast-approaching. The holidays are a time of merriment, a time of family and friends, and, most prevailingly, a time of ridiculously … Continue reading Christmas: Just a Consumerist Holiday?


A Cozy Night at Coffeehouse

By Meghan Oliver The stage was set with piano and all, the comfy couches were up front and centre, and the corner table was stacked with cookies, cakes, and plenty of coffee on the evening of November 23rd in the school cafeteria. At this year's Coffeehouse, hosted by the Lisgar Environmental Action Force (LEAF) club, … Continue reading A Cozy Night at Coffeehouse


By Peter MacDonald Protest Protesting is ineffective And you will never convince me that Activism creates change. Remain silent. It is morally wrong to Take a knee during the anthem, Raise your fist in defiance and Intentionally create discourse. Until people began to speak up The majority was the only voice Black lives matter Is … Continue reading Protest