Wind, Snow, and Gold

By Christopher Blakeney           A blistering wind howls through the hills, scorching the land and any living thing unfortunate enough to be caught out on the snow-covered expanse. The animals are wise, for they seek refuge in their cozy burrows. Not even the soft chirruping of birds can be heard across … Continue reading Wind, Snow, and Gold


Embracing the Mundane

By Luka Stojanovic Eventually, we all have to realize that many of us will not become the future leaders of the world; many of us will end up being cogs in the machine that we call society. The majority of us will not achieve extraordinary feats in our lifetimes; we will live ordinary lives. Call … Continue reading Embracing the Mundane

Transcending Death

By Luka Stojanovic A few weeks ago, as I was browsing the web during my spare, I came across a fascinating video called “We Are the Gods Now” which is part of a series of talks given by filmmaker Jason Silva. What particularly interested me about this talk was his analysis of the question of … Continue reading Transcending Death

Redefining Disability

By Aysha White March 21st was the first official day of spring. It was also the 9th annual International Down Syndrome Awareness day. Down Syndrome is a genetic condition defined by having an extra chromosome that causes intellectual disabilities ranging in severity.  It is thought to occur in 2/1000 births; however, since the invention of … Continue reading Redefining Disability