Out of Contexts: December 2017

Don't say sig figs in this room or else I'll crack that other window and throw you out! Unless you're talking about figs...like the ones from Greece...but not the Turkish ones, we don't like those. - Ms. Anas “We're going to explode that scuba diver! He was invading my country, so it's good for him” … Continue reading Out of Contexts: December 2017


Out of Contexts: Fall 2017

“You guys need a hug and a kick in the butt at the same time.” - Mr. Middleton “What's a thesis? Ask me that and I'll break your femur.” - Mr. Hodgson “How do you deal ethics? In a back alley?” - Mr. Meng “Be the ham.” - Mr. Arrigo “Billy Shakespeare was actually an … Continue reading Out of Contexts: Fall 2017