Stud Co Monthly Report: June 2013

Hello Lisgar!!! It’s finally June! For some June marks the start of sweet summer freedom, but for others it means the end of an even sweeter Lisgar journey. The last few months of the school year have been as exciting as all the rest. With brand new Co-Presidents and a brand new Executive Council we … Continue reading Stud Co Monthly Report: June 2013


June 2013 Satirical Edition

Table of Contents Stud Co Monthly Report: June A Note from the Editors The Cro-Werc People * * * William W The Tragedy of Friend-Zoning * * * Ella K School Inspired by Motivational Message on Bathroom Wall  * * * Charlotte S Lord of the Lords * * * Luka Stojanovic Excellent Essays * * * Aidan V Lisgar Washroom Opens for First Time in … Continue reading June 2013 Satirical Edition