Out Of Contexts – June 2012

“It’s not weird if you’re Greek.” -Ms. Van de Walle “Cougar-town wasn’t around back then.” -Mr. Meng “The French protest EVERYTHING… I just sat at a café and watched the protests. It was very entertaining.” -Ms. McWhinnie “I’ve got gonads on the brain. It’s very exciting.” -Ms. Engel “Oooh… Busted!” -Ms. Van de Walle “This … Continue reading Out Of Contexts – June 2012


June Movie Month

By Celine Fu: Apartment 143 (June 1st, 2012) A family is haunted by a violent ghost believed to be one of their dead family members; they attempt to resolve the situation by hiring a team of experts from an institution. This movie resembles Paranormal Activity’s camera usage and will probably be very similar to the Paranormal Activity series in every aspect, so it is not recommended to anyone; … Continue reading June Movie Month

June 2012 Satirical Edition

Table of Contents: Discovery Channel: Lisgarite Edition-Bridget Guan THINC-Julian Moran The Lisgarite-Ariana Mihai Riot Erupts in Class After Teacher Marks Question Incorrectly on Test-Roy Sengupta Guide to the Importance of Useless Homework-Sarah Seward-Langdon First Period Fire Drill Brings Chaos to Lisgar Collegiate-Owen Watt Our Cellular Companions-Henry Schut Textbooks-Nancy Guo Revolutionizing Our Schools-Rusaba Alam Next Dance … Continue reading June 2012 Satirical Edition