The Arrival

By Miriam Ahmad Gawel   Dearest reader,   I never want to go back to Earth. Furthermore, I highly suggest you never visit it either.   I still remember the first - and final - time I visited the planet. I had been so excited, after studying humankind for years, to finally see the fabled, … Continue reading The Arrival


How to Go to Bed On Time

By Bianca Manelli   Place yourself in a bed. Not an armchair, not a couch, not a hammock, regardless of how comfortable they can be. Falling asleep is easier in a bed.   If you are English, no tea in the 18 hours previous to your planned bedtime. If you are Italian, skip the espresso … Continue reading How to Go to Bed On Time

How to Draw A Circle

By Amos Marsters   Welcome Drawing can be hard, strenuous, and frustrating, especially when drawing circles. This self-help guide will help you learn how to properly draw a circle. An artist has to go through rigorous obstacles before making the perfect geometrical circle, the first being mindset.   1.      As an artist, you must … Continue reading How to Draw A Circle

New Condo Development Begins in Lisgar Cafeteria

By Andrej Vukovic   After years of nearby development, Minto Properties has begun constructing a 98-room, 10-story hotel at 29 Lisgar Street, inside the Lisgar Collegiate Institute cafeteria.   Last Thursday, the Canadian real estate corporation held a ceremonial  groundbreaking for their project, which is part of a mixed-use building that will also include condominium … Continue reading New Condo Development Begins in Lisgar Cafeteria