Humans of Lisgar

by Benjamin Fudali A quarter of the school year has already elapsed and students of all grades have finally settled in and gotten comfortable with their daily routines. This begs the question, just how lively is life at Lisgar? With numerous clubs, sports and school events in full swing, this edition of the Lisgawrite takes … Continue reading Humans of Lisgar


Out Of Contexts – December 2015

  “Mucho mucho gracias… What’s going on?” -Mr. Meng "Auntie, why d'ya rip your pants?" -Ms. Laide “Our economy’s tanking... 1+1 is now 5” - Mr. Tang "Vous continuez à bouffer pendant que les gens meurent autour de vous? Mais c'est ridicule!" -Mme. Kunstmann “Whatever, zebras, we don’t want you!” -Mr. Meng “Screw the environment … Continue reading Out Of Contexts – December 2015

A Place of Learning

By Matija Stojanovic Lisgar is a unique place: few schools in Ottawa carry an academic reputation like it, and nearly every graduating student has a plan for university or college.The vast majority of these students will move onto fields in science, technology, engineering and math, with a small minority going into humanities, arts and trades.This limited … Continue reading A Place of Learning